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Can you suggest to set up the recycling plant?

A question from Joy Poghisio

Hello, I am recent college graduate interested in opening a recycling facility in rural western Kenya. I am interested in opening a large facility. In this area, there are some schools and a hospital coming up. How far from these can I set up the recycling plant so students and patients don't inhale possibly toxic fumes? Should I situate it further away from rivers etc.? Also, how much water can I expect to use?

The major sources of water would be boreholes, rain, and rivers. I am choosing to work in this area because of the potential for population growth in the next few years. Towns here have inadequate waste management infrastructure that will not be able to keep up with increasing populations. The facility will also hire staff from the local population and buy plastic waste from local collectors giving hundreds of unemployed people a steady source of income. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dear Joy Poghisio, You have plenty of questions. However, I tried to answer below: Q1. Can I set up the recycling plant so students and patients don't inhale possibly toxic fumes? Yes you can. If you use anaerobic technology no toxic gas even no bad smell will produce during recycling process. Only during sorting or loading and unloading of waste there is a possibility to spread odor but if you use green fencing (plants) it can be controlled.

Q2. Should I situate it further away from rivers etc.? For a waste recycling plant, 100 meter distance is enough if you use and follow appropriate Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Q3. How much water can I expect to use? Generally, for inorganic waste 200 liter of water required per ton of waste. For Organic waste 250 liter of water is required. You can recycle and re use this water also.

Waste management through recycling business is a prominent and can create green jobs for thousands people. For further information, please feel free to ask:

Waste prospect- 1 ton waste can: • 7 new jobs for the waste picking, recycling marketing of end products • Save 1.1 cubic meter of landfill area • Produce 0.25 tons of good quality compost • Reduce 0.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions • Produce 40-80 cubic meter of biogas • Environmental benefit to 2000-3000 people directly

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basantkukreti gravatar imagebasantkukreti ( 2016-10-20 16:49:17 +0000 )edit

Very helpful leads for Joy to explore as indeed a short answer would be 'it depends': on the exact setting, types of waste generated (by community itself or e.g. nearby industry), local people's skills, availability to seed funds etc. Anyways, I hope the project comes off and Joy comes back to tell us how things work out!

Rianne C ten Veen gravatar imageRianne C ten Veen ( 2016-12-25 17:03:36 +0000 )edit
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