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Can anyone provide some information on wind turbine?

A question from Enrico Grassi

Dear Sir/Madam, our charity (the Red Rose Foundation) has recently built a school for 700n children in rural India. The school is currently powered by diesel generators, but we would like to switch to small turbines. The Wind appears to be the best source of renewable energy; given local wind speeds (solar does not work). As this is our first wind project, we would be grateful if you could put us in contact with one of your specialists (preferably UK-based like myself), to conduct due diligence and project preparation for the installation of small turbines at the school. Financing is already available to our charity.

Thank you in advance Enrico J Grassi

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Although Enrico might prefer someone UK based where he is, I'd suggest someone local to the school is better so as to do a site visit and advise on suitable way forward or it would have to remain very generic/ full of 'it depends'. I do sincerely hope the project comes off the ground!

Rianne C ten Veen gravatar imageRianne C ten Veen ( 2016-12-25 12:42:30 -0500 )edit

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Why would solar not work? If it is for battery reasons, wind would not work just the same (probably less so, as wind is even more intermittent than solar in most places).

I have yet to see a working small wind-power installation as an island solution (i.e. not for feeding into a power-grid). They might exist, but for solar they are quite common and for sure more feasible with ready made systems available for sale relatively cheaply.

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I appreciate the OP has concluded that solar isn't possible but would indeed be keen to read based on what this conclusion was come to.

Rianne C ten Veen gravatar imageRianne C ten Veen ( 2017-10-24 16:47:33 -0500 )edit

hope you know about Hugh Piggott. I make a wind turbine following his manual and still working 10 year after. If he is too busy or not available for what ever reason you can contact me and i'll help us much as i can.

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The Centre For Alternative Technology in Wales is one of the oldest and most respected organisations on all renewable energy questions. They have an information service which is very good and ask for a small voluntary donation.

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Agree CAT have lots of useful resources; Practical Action too, e.g. here re wind:

Rianne C ten Veen gravatar imageRianne C ten Veen ( 2017-10-24 16:46:49 -0500 )edit

Is there a location for the school available? This way it would be possible to check the wind resource. It is important to know the distribution of wind speeds. Solar energy is suitable for most of India.
CREST have done many similar studies and are working on projects in India.

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