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Does anyone have a bit more insight into how much the communities WaterAid works with in Ethiopia will pay for their water? (I do appreciate this can vary)

It was a question put to us by a member of the public. Thanks ~ Naomi

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Naomi, we will have to communicate directly with our local team about this if you are looking for a detailed answer. It is important to note that not only does this vary, but there is also a large variation between what people initially think they are willing to pay and then what is in fact a sustainable tariff that covers the essential operations and maintenance costs. We do work closely with the mandated providers and authorities to calculate these rate in a way such that the poorest are able to afford these. In many cases it is necessary to ensure that the government or the provider is able to subsidise the cost to the poorest, funded either through cross subsidisation or from other government budgets. We do find, though, that even the poorest household will re-adjust their spending priorities to increase the amounts they are willing to pay the moment the service being provided proves to efficient and regular.

There is some older data available in a table provided within this document.

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Hi Eric,

Wonderful, thank you very much for your reply! The attached document was extremely useful.

Thanks, Naomi

Naomi gravatar imageNaomi ( 2017-01-25 10:31:24 +0000 )edit
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