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Training courses in Purchasing and Procurement

I am a purchaser for an international agency working in West Africa. I just wanted to have information as concerns professional training in Purchasing in UK.

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We can give you some general information as far courses in the UK are concerned. There are also many distance learning options, via the internet.

One consideration is that some of the courses will be targeted at commercial companies operating in UK/the EU rather than humanitarian actors working in the south, so you may not find them very relevant to your work.

The Logistics Learning Allianceoffers short courses in Sourcing and Procurement at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels through distance learning. Go to their website http://www.logisticslearningalliance.... where you can contact them for further details.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)has a Training Calendar (timetable of short courses) which you can access through by clicking on the Learning Directory and going to page 73. There are full details of all the courses in the same document.

CIPS has its own qualifications, starting with the Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations, and getting more complex up to full Professional Diploma. They have 90 Study Centres in the UK and more than 150 worldwide which teach courses for the respective examinations. You can see the full range of their qualifications at The Centres in UK and abroad are shown on two maps at

CIPS offer a wide range of distance learning courses for each of their qualifications and also free-standing courses. This would be much cheaper than residential courses (taking account of the cost of travel and accommodation) and would allow you to proceed at your own rate; they include learning materials and tutorials. See

For the CIPS free standing courses, you can take the end of course examination on line, but if you use this route to take a CIPS qualification you would need to travel to a registered CIPS Examination Centre. British Council offices are generally registered for this function.

You can find many private colleges offering courses by entering “courses in purchasing” into a search engine, e.g. Google. Some of these are CIPS Study Centres but their quality may be variable and their courses may not be recognised by professional bodies so it is worth checking carefully before committing yourself.

The Institute of Supply Chain Managementalso offers distance learning courses in purchasing at different levels through its Purchasing Academy.

You may want to extend your studies to the wider field of Procurement (which includes purchasing) and Supply Chain management, or to Logistics as a whole.

Both Bachelors and Masters degree coursesin Logistics and Supply Chain Management would cover procurement. These have entry requirements generally based on academic qualifications (and may take account of relevant experience). There are several universities in the UK offering these courses on campus, and some which offer Masters degrees on line, you can find the full list of the latter on:

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