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Can you suggest the role of cash based transfer in Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) programme to enhance adherence to treatment?


This is a question that I've been asked in the field so I wanted to share it with everyone on KnowledgePoint

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The prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) remains a challenge which if not met, new infections amongst newborn children will continue to be on the rise. CBT play an essential role amongst PMTCT mothers to increase program adherence through receipt of nutritious commodities from the CBT food basket. The consumption of nutritious food hence reduces new infections which contributes to reduction in low birth weight babies. One of the prerequisite of the CBT component is that mothers must be regular at their PMTCT appointments to be considered as beneficiaries for CBT.

Below links provides a more detail information on CBT role in HIV programme A Cash Transfer Program Reduces HIV Infections among Adolescent Girls A research paper on The Influence of CBT on HIV Treatment Adherence The Role of Cash Transfer Programmes in Development in Kenya

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