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Measuring truck fleet performance


This is a question that I've been asked in the field so I wanted to share it with everyone on KnowledgePoint

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How can I measure the performance / efficiency / cost effectiveness of our in-house truck fleet and present it in a way that our non-technical management can easily understand?

There are many articles and books on this topic in the commercial sector, most of which are not totally appropriate to humanitarian operations, but you may find this, from the NASA Handbook, useful:.

The HLA is involved in a project to develop key performance indicators (KPI) or metrics, so watch the website. Meanwhile, on the assumption that you are starting scratch, you first need to establish a few KPI of your own and start by collecting data for each truck on a day-by-day basis. This can be done on a spreadsheet, e.g. Excel. These are three which are commonly used in the field.

  1. Truck Availability

Record if each truck was off the road (in the workshop being worked on, awaiting spares, or another reason such as no driver) or available for work. List the trucks down one column and days/dates across the top. If you work 7 days a week, you should record data for every day. If, though, you do not work (including doing maintenance on the trucks) on 1 or 2 days a week you can leave these days out; the important thing is to be consistent over time. If you have T trucks, then you have T x 7 (or 5 or 6) truck-days in a week. Then under each day column you can add up the number of trucks available, and over a period (a week or a month), you can calculate the level of availability (percentage of truck-days when trucks were available).
If you have A trucks available on any day and (T-A) not available, the availability on any day is A/T%. Add up all the As across a week of 7, 6 or 5 days, and divide by Tx7/6/5%. Depending on road conditions and the state/age of your fleet, this percentage should be in the low-mid 90%s. If it too high then you may not be adequately maintaining your trucks. If it falls below 85%, you should check if any particular vehicle(s) is/are off the road often or for long periods and investigate whether it is worth keeping this/these truck(s) on your books, or whether it is better to write it/them off. It may lead to you questioning your supply chain for spare parts, of the efficiency of your workshop. Do you need more mechanics, or a second specialist worker or piece of equipment in a particular field? Talk to your workshop manager. If you plot the level of availability week by week, you can look for any trends, and investigate the reasons: trucks wearing out, roads worsening, lack of tools, spares shortages and the like.

  1. Truck Utilisation

On the same sheet you can record for each truck available and for each day whether the truck was used or ... (more)

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