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Want to know about plastic recycling?

Ahana Shrestha
Practical Action

I am interested in plastic recycling. I have little information on what is required to venture in this area. I see huge generation of plastic waste on daily basis and the opportunity seems to be there to re-use it one way or another. What are the likely by products from plastic recycling? What equipment is required to do the recycling? How may I acquire these equipment and at what cost? Where can we get these equipment and needed expertise to run and maintain them? Is there any local contact for this kind of business? POTENTIAL BENEFICIARIES: .1. Employment for common people, who collects the plastics from house to house or centers 2. Employment for industry workers and technicians who runs the plant 3. Employment for distributors and sellers 4. Better environmental awareness and hygiene. 5.Work for transporters and haulers across the country

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Harriette Purchas

Hi Ahana, You don't say what country you are working in and the question you have asked is rather a large one that cannot be easily answered! Have you researched what, if any, plastic recycling is available in your country and area? To set up a plastic recycling facility is a large project with complex technology and significant cost. I agree it has a huge amount of potential benefit environmentally, economically and socially. I would recommend that you look first at what local municipalities and private sector companies are doing in your area and go and talk to them about their plans for increasing their reach. Kind regards, Harriette


Thank you Harriette for coming back to me. I have forwarded your queries to our enquirer. As soon as he replies to me I will come back to you. Thank you.

Ahana Shrestha gravatar imageAhana Shrestha ( 2018-03-21 05:43:16 )
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