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Imogen needs some support in her 3D design project. Can anyone help her?

I am a year 13 student studying my A levels at Lightcliffe Academy, Halifax, UK. I am studying 3D design, Maths and physics to hopefully fulfil my dream of going to university to study architecture.

In 3D design, we have started our final project, I am wanting to design a building which is resistant to earthquakes to help prevent fatalities in areas prone quakes. My areas of focus are Japan, Mexico and other countries who struggle to rebuild every time a quake hits.

I was wondering if you could help me as I am aware you help in these types of countries which suffer from these natural disasters and I would like to know what do you do when you get on site to fix for a short term improvement. As this would help me designing something for a long term plan.

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Hi, I am not an expert in this areas at all but perhaps you will find this resource helpful:

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