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Rural Faecal Sludge Management

Dear All

I am looking for resources on rural FSM . Please share relevant information on email ID

Thanks, Shivani

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Hi Shivani,

Thanks for posting!

It's much easier for our experts to provide useful information to your query if you give more details on what kind of information you're looking for in specific. Is there a particular area you're working in? Are there specific climate conditions you're dealing with? Do you know the population size you're working with? Any kind of specifics you can provide will be helpful!



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Hi Shivani. Practical Action has done quite a lot of work on faecal sludge management - particularly in urban contexts, but I think some rural work too. I will ask my colleagues in Bangladesh and India for more details. IN the meantime you can find some of our publications on this subject here

Best wishes


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