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Do you know of examples of people providing their own water supplies?

We are looking particularly for data on/ examples of people investing in their own supply (to construct or improve it), or programmes enabling them to do so. This is relevant to large numbers of urban and rural people but there is very little information available on the scale and types of supply in existence , with all emphasis being on community supplies financed largely by others. Any information or links you can give (other than the RWSN ones with which we are familiar) would be gratefully received and acknowledged.

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Hi Sally, I've worked in Cambodia on water supply and there is a big gap there in this information. I've passed on your question to other contacts so hope we'll find someone who can help. Harriette

Harriette Purchas gravatar imageHarriette Purchas ( 2018-08-08 03:52:48 -0500 )edit

I was just about to answer with a string of links from WaterAid's website, but then I realised this this query is from Sally Sutton (Hi Sally!) so she probably knows all of it already. I will put a few links into the a reply anyway so that this query has these for future reference of other's who might be searching for the same subject.

ErikH gravatar imageErikH ( 2018-08-08 03:59:58 -0500 )edit

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Some links to this from WaterAid's website. While we still promote self supply in many circumstances, this is not a mainstream area of work for us. I think Sally probably already knows many of the examples I am posting here, but good to have these links here for reference of others:



I will check with Vincent Casey at WaterAid if we have anything more recent.

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EMAS has done a lot of work in Bolivia in this area. Contact there is Wolfgang "Eloy“ Buchner

A lot of techncial details in their videos on just search for EMAS & Water

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