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How to get rid of bats in buildings

We have a building with a wooden roof completely infested with bats! Bat guano is a health risk; how can we get rid of the bats and sanitize the current structures without tearing out the existing roofs? Is it possible that the associated fungus (histoplasma) may have contaminated the earthen floors or cement/dirt walls? If so, can anything be done? Thank you so much for any advice/solutions you can provide.

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Bats there stay just under the roofs. At sunset you can see them flying out in hundreds. If you cannot repair the roofs at least you could do a search at sunset and see where they are coming out, and then use some expanding polyurethane or any other means to close the opening. Only when the bats are out, not during the day, otherwise they will die inside and putrefy. I do not know any other system. Water contaminated by their guano should be discarded. If not suitable should be boiled. If this is not suitable should be chlorinated and filtered. Regards, Giorgio

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Bats like enclosed spaces, so one way to make the schools less attractive is to remove the ceiling from the building. This provides for more air flow and light in the former attic space, and makes it much less likely that bats will move in. However, it also makes the room hotter, since heat can radiate down from the roofing into the occupied space, so it is a trade-off. As Giorgio suggested, sealing up openings will reduce the problem, but it has to be thorough. If the ceilings (and guano) are removed, respirators should be worn (if available) to reduce the risk to the workers. I don't know if the fungus would remain in the roof timbers or not. Regards, Dave

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