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Storage of LPG gas canisters

I wanted some advice about LPG Gas storage. I have several canisters for cooking gas, various sizes (I know standardisation wasn’t the predecessor’s strength)

  1. Should it be stored outside?
  2. Should be kept out of the sun? Temperatures are pretty high in the day- up to 40 degrees, and maybe around 26 degrees at night.
  3. If stored in shade, should be covered with anything? Any suggestions what?
  4. There is a valve attached, to open/close it. Should the valve be taken off? I.e. canister by itself?
  5. If there was a fire with the gas; what type of extinguisher should be used?
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There are safety sheets for propane and butane, published by Calor. Storage outside is a good idea - any leaks do not build up but beware of security that the cannisters don't go walkabouts. Definitely in the shade - max temp 50C. Not a grass roof of course but tin might work if there is enough air flow around to keep temp down. When you say valves - which valves - is it the ones they come with or is it ones that are connected to the pipe? Keep any valve on that came with it but remove any that is with the equipment it powers.

Small fires - dry powder extinguisher only, but can be water sprayed to reduce temp of canister in larger fires.

Regards, Toby Gould

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