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Rope pump appropriateness

Hi all,

I am undertaking some research on the appropriateness of rope pumps to provide potable water. I know that there has been some controversy around the this in the past due to ease of contamination, but I just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of some good studies?

Thanks! Martin

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Suggest you contact Pump Aid ( who should be able to help. If the well is constructed properly and a good cover is fitted, then the danger of contamination can be minimised, and should be much less than the alternatives, such as an open well. Its comparatively low cost and ease of construction and maintenance at local level may offer advantges in continuity of supply etc. Much depends on the context in which you are working.

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Brilliant thanks, I'll try Pump Aid!

martin.findlay gravatar imagemartin.findlay ( 2018-11-26 08:23:12 +0000 )edit
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