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Termite problems

There is a termite problem in one of the buildings we are working on. The team there want to fumigate the building and are trying to decide on an appropriate fumigant. Is Vikane gas a good fumigant to recommend and are there others that you think might be more appropriate/cheaper? Thanks

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Good example of where an internet search may be an answer, e.g. looks sensible! Regards, Tim Foster

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Is it termites or flying ants?

Also note there are various types of termite.... predominantly drywood termites and subterranean termites. Each type is different and must be treated separately. Vikane gas fumigant has been proven to effectively eliminate dry wood termites but requires tenting etc. Below is a url to a fact sheet for Vikane - it must be handled with care. Regards Chris Nixon

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You could try looking at for alternatives to Vikane. Regards, John Adams

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