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solar showers

I would like to install a couple of solar showers in our guest house as we have plenty of sun but not much electricity. Is there someone there who could recommend design/make? We will need 2, each serving 3-4 people - not sure how many litres that means. Could you advise on design, which components are required, set up and possible suppliers and price? Thank you very much

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For full advice, I would need more details. A lot on the system will depend on how disciplined your guests are (how much water people use) and how far the 2 bathrooms are, if there is water pressure (a hill next to the house etc). But from what you need is: , the Esun solar 200 supplies 6 to 8 people if you do a standard set up. (I assume you have internet access). It is the system that a lot of lodges use to heat their water. If the distance between the 2 bathrooms is big, you need to insulate the pipe. You have the water going in one end and it comes out hot the other end.

There are various alternatives on the market but they all do all the same and look all the same.

There are ways to DIY with a black painted oil drum with black painted garden hose etc. I’m not sure to what you extent you want to experiment or not.

Ideally, you should have a drawing with some distances, details on the quality of the water (if it's full of dirt, it will clog up the system) - maybe you need a filter system, where the water will come from (pressure?), and maybe a picture or 2 (low setting on your camera!, just to get an idea) of the set-up of the site. You can send this to us to have a look or give it to a supplier to cost up.



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