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Generator Maintenance & Financial Management

I would like to you know if you have resources available on… 1) Basic vehicle and generator maintenance 2) Financial management (working with excel, forecasting, creating BVAs, etc…)

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The term “finance management” covers many things – please let me know if you have any specific needs or a specific audience in mind (Who needs these tools? Where are the projects? Projects in developing, cash-based economies need some different tools to those in more developed countries. I have assumed you’re talking about the former.)

If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, the Mango website is a good place to start ( They have a variety of free resources perfect for overseas projects, such as accounting templates and a financial management self-assessment for your organisation. Sorry I can’t give you the exact link, but I can’t access the internet at the moment (although see the list below). They also have a section called “Who Counts”, which gives advice on reporting financial information to beneficiaries. Mango is a specialist in humanitarian/development finance, so these tools should be relevant and dependable.

The following list was prepared as a guide for local organisations looking to perform an organisational self-assessment. I can’t check them out, so I can’t tell you which are finance related – so I’ve given you the whole list: • Tearfund’s ROOTS series, available in their learning zone in (in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) • Civicus’ Civil Society Toolkits are another (follow link from “Resources and Services” in English, French, Spanish) at • International HIV/AIDS Alliance NGO Support Toolkit contains material and resources applicable to many organisations, not just those working in HIV and AIDS • Mango’s financial management “health check” (in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Sinhala and Tamil) • A complete financial management toolkit, for emergencies (in English only) also prepared by Mango


Mia (via Mohammed)

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There is some quite useful stuff in Engineering in Emergencies on this.

However assuming they have access to that info already, I think we need to know more about the problem: e.g. What size generators are we talking about? And is there a specific running issue that is causing trouble?

Otherwise a generator is a diesel/petrol engine with an alternator attached, and is not too hard to maintain by local mechanics...



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