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Registration of NGO in UK

We ask about the registration of NGOs in UK head quarter or branch office

Full details of technical support request: information about registration requirements and processes, and any other advice concerning the issue


NEO - Nawafil Elkhirat Organization

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Best way forward would be to look at the Charities Commission website

If you have trouble downloading it; you can call 00 44 845 3000 218. They are open between 0800hrs to 2000hrs (BST: British Summer Time)

Or go to the website through and then type the above website address.



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Having recently registered a charity in the UK I would encourage you to look at the Charitable Incorporated Organisation model as opposed to the more popular (until recently) model of registering a charity AND registering a company limited by guarantee. The former requires reporting only to the Charity Commission whereas the latter requires reporting to both the Charity Commission AND Companies House.

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