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Energy Services to Marginalised Communities in Southern Africa

What I'm looking for is reporting, impact assessments, and/or planning documentation for the project "Catalysing modern energy service delivery to marginal communities in Southern Africa". I'm particularly interested in how gender is integrated into energy service delivery, and for that reason I have been collecting (and am looking for more) information specifically on the Chipendeke Micro Hydro project (as it had gender mainstreaming coaching through Energia).

So far, I have the project journal from the EU-ACP website, two project videos, some pamphlets, as well as the Energia final report on Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Projects.

In the Energia report, it was recommended that GENEZ would be given an additional year before monitoring the listed outcomes, and a further report would be produced then - did that happen? If so, might it be possible to see that report?

I was also very interested to read that there had been influence on local energy policy in Zimbabwe, and would be really interested to learn more about this, as I know that institutional barriers can be very influential in the success or failure of such projects.

Lastly, under a previous project, E-MINDSET, a series of baseline reports were produced (for example "Energy Sector Background for Manicaland Province") and I wondered if these were used in the planning of "Catalysing modern energy service delivery to marginal communities in Southern Africa".