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What kind of DC pump will I require to discharge the water at sufficient pressure and high volume?

by Ahana Shrestha | Practical Action | 2017-01-09 21:39:44 -0500 | related country: Nigeria

I want to start potable water distribution enterprise using 1600 litre water bowsers drawn by 3-wheeler vehicles in unserved communities dispensed via 100 meter long hose to houses, including apartments on upper floors of multi-storey blocks. What kind of DC pump will I require to discharge the water at sufficient pressure and high volume. Will I need to couple the dc pump to a small pressure tank? Give type, ratings of pump and pressure tank, if necessary. The objective is quick discharge to locations at least 100 meter removed

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by Ian Neal | RedR Experts | 2017-01-15 14:29:13 -0500

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Answer depends on pumping rate and pressure.

The headloss in the 100m hose will be minimal compared to the headloss from pumping to upperfloors (assuming you use a hose 40mm dia if pumping 50l/min). How many floors are we talking about? 10 floors is approx 30m or 3 bar

The 12v pumps here can used powered off the 3 wheeler's battery/generator. Which one depends on l/min and pressure head listed in specs which only you can answer although for small domestic distribution 50l/min at 50m pressure head or 5 bar will probably be sufficient


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by RedR TSS | RedR Experts | 2017-01-15 12:24:59 -0500

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Dear Ahana

Thanks for your question which has been forwarded directly to RedR Water and Sanitation experts.

Please post resulting actions on this web-site.

Kind regards, Leigh

LC Jones

RedR KP Modertator

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