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Anyone have any good resources for calculating embodied energy in construction projects?

I'm trying to pull together a toolkit for estimating embodied energy for use in concept design in the architecture firm where I'm currently on placement in rwanda.

Anyone have any advice or existing spreadsheets etc.?

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Sorry - fat fingers so left out message content. I did a lot of work in this area in 1970s and 1980s on concrete for wave energy devices! I think the BRE Green Guide is a good resource - no point in reinventing the wheel (again).

However, how this relates to the situation in Rwanda is a moot point. Much of the embodied energy will be in the cement and steel so its precise source for the project is important eg fuel used in cement works etc. Big job to do a full life cycle assessment! Hope this helps - Garry Ps avoid aluminium at all costs!

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Hello James Further to the response above, there is a really good book on this topic. Its called "Time to Eat the Dog - the real guide to sustainable living" and it is by veteran eco-architects Robert and Brenda Vale ISBN 978-0-0500-28790-3 It contains loads about embodied energy in all manner of things. Their conclusion for buildings is if you really want low energy buildings the key is zero space heating (or zero space cooling)combined with a long building life so not worrying about the embodied energy. The book is a must for energy and sustainability anoraks everywhere! Garry

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