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What is the recommended litres per patient per day for an ETC/ETU for all purposes?

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Water Supply The following are recommended for water supply in Ebola Care Centres/Units:

(i) 100- 400 litres per person per day is estimated to be the total water supply needed for cleaning, laundry, chlorinated hand washing, chlorinated foot baths, disinfection material and bodies, drinking and preparing ORS (oral rehydration solution) per person in an Ebola Centre.

(ii) For drinking water free residual chlorine at the tap should be between 0.3 and 0.5mg/l and measures should be taken for safe storage.

(iii) For washing/laundry, footbath, spraying of foot, and disinfection, free residual chlorine should be 0.5 %. It is important to consider space and drainage to soak ways in the construction of laundries and showers in the Ebola Care Centres/Units.

(iv) Monitor water quality daily and clean storage containers regularly and ensure a two-day consumption buffer of storage.

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