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What are the support pages for?

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Please feel free to ask a question about anything at all to do with KnowledgePoint here!

These support pages are for any questions about the KnowledgePoint site or organisation. Questions might include:

  • How to use the website to ask a question
  • For whom and for what type of questions is the site intended
  • How to edit, attach documents, or make links
  • Recommendations for question, answer and comment formats
  • Moderation options
  • Best practice in quoting copyrighted material
  • How people are using the different KnowledgePoint sites
  • Problems with any of the features
  • How to get more involved Solving enquiry / knowledge sharing problems with KnowledgePoint
  • Technical aspects of the site for developers and IT professionals
  • Feature requests

To ask a question, simply click "Ask a question" at the top of this page.

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