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Seeking information on the construction of timberless dome homes and grain barns.

A question from Abyslo from Nigeria:

We want pactical knowledge we can use immediately to build timberless dome homes and grain barns. Lime,sand and granite are our main materials. Cement will be minimal or not used at all. It costs so much here. We have read introductions on lime buildings and practical knowledge that we can use now is what we need. We want to know also why and how to care for lime buildings. Do lime buildings last long? How to make them without expensive machines on our own. Please, teach us how to use lime in making 10m and 2.5m timberless dome homes and grain barns respectively. We have lime,granite and sand in abundance. We can afford very little portland cement. We want knowledge to build o our own. DVDs or books with pictures are better. How do we care for this buildings to make them last as cement ones?

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Hello, UN-Habitat did this guide on vault construction which can be useful, although not specifically for lime.

Practical Action has reviewed alternatives to cement including lime.

Have a look at the Skat publications, some of them are on appropriate materials.

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I think you may find here some interesting learning material...

In each page you will find documents that you may download.

And this is another good source of practical info:

I hope this helps. 'nando

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