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Low-cost solar water purification systems yielding about 3-5000 litres of water per day

I need to know about a low-cost and low-maintenance model of solar water purification system that would work in removing heavy metals, salinity and biological contaminants. The systems will be installed in two varied geographical regions one in the saline ingressed areas along the coast and another in the hilly and mountainous terrains.

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Most solar stills should remove heavy metals, salinity & biological contaminants. However they generally require quite a considerable land area, and reasonable levels of maintenance. It would be good to know the following before further recommendations can be made on the coastal application:

1) Where is the installation planned? 2) What is the local climate? 3) What purposes will the water be put to? 4) How much land is available?

Regarding the mountainous application, might I suggest that you check if you really need desalination there? One wouldn't normally expect saline ingress at altitude. Desalination is pretty much the most energy intensive operation in water treatment, so most other techniques would be preferable if the water is non-saline.

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