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Measure access rates and location of sanitation services

We have to measure the level of access to sanitation service in Bangladesh. There are enough sampling strategies to estimate the access level and with a good sample frame these are relative low even considering the high rate of of
homogeneity in the different clusters. However the sample-size needs to be significantly increased if we want to use disaggregate to pinpoint geographically where the problems are and even then the areas remain large. Is there a sampling strategy that can locate problem areas without dramatically increase the sampling sizes and hence the cost of the survey?

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Kristof don't be such a smart ass! You know the answer on that one!

Kristof gravatar imageKristof ( 2012-09-05 08:17:42 +0000 )edit

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Hi Kristof, You could consider LQA sampling, although not easy to set up it has a lot of potential to combine both access and location although it is only useful if you monitor over longer periods of time. It would be typically a method for managing a sector such as the water, sanitation or hygiene behaviour,

Regards Kristof

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