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Brands of multi-parameter water quality test kits?

Hi everyone

We're looking for the names and other basic information on different brands of Multiparameter Water Quality Test Kits that are being used by WaSH professionals in the field. The ones we are interested in are the “portable labs” that test a number of parameters and come assembled with all of the equipment you need to test water quality onsite in a hard case or bag.

We're gathering the information as an initial step to an evaluation of the multiparameter water test kits, as part of the CITE project which is funded by USAID (see The goal is to provide a decision support tool to WASH practitioners to help choose the best kit for their specific circumstances based on the suitability, scalability and sustainability. We would like to get recommendations on which kits to include in the evaluation from the practitioner community, and also interview users to get their feedback.Please let us know which ones you're using and if possible, please fill out the 10-question survey at


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If you need any help at all with water testing kits, please do get in touch:

We also offer free training on all our kits and products free of charge :) Best of luck with the project Ashanthie

Ashanthie Tudugalle gravatar imageAshanthie Tudugalle ( 2015-06-23 13:36:40 +0000 )edit

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As Frank has noted, at WaterAid we use both the WagTech and the DelAgua options. Both are good sets of kit and are very similar in many respects. However we have found the biggest constraining factor is which company has the best supply chain of the consumable items within the country that we are using it. This would go for any technology choice, so I would strongly recommend that that you thoroughly investigate which of these options provides the best consumable supply chain for your purposes.

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Hello, The company I work for; DelAgua Water Testing Ltd, developed one of the first fully portable water testing kits back in 1985 and since then we have been supply many WASH professionals, WHO, Unicef and Oxfam with our kits. In addition to this, we also supply a huge range of instruments and reagents for almost any parameter that needs to be tested in drinking water.

Our kits come in a very rugged, portable case and tests for the basic parameters required for safe drinking water; turbidity, temperature, total and free chlorine, pH and microbial contamination.

Please see our website for the full range of our kits and other water testing products:

Please do get in contact at for further information on our products Many thanks Ashanthie DelAgua Water Testing Ltd

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Hi Jennifer,

Great to hear about the evaluation you are conducting. Rather than fill out the form for a specific test kit, I thought I would share a few resources that should be helpful.

At mWater, we have a lot of experience with using the various kits that are out there that we haven't had time yet to put into writing. Some are good, some not so good, and some downright not useful. I would be glad to talk with you more offline. Feel free to email me at

Best of luck in your project,


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Jennifer, WaterAid has generally used DelAgua portable testing kits in our programmes. However, we have recently been trialling a Wagtech testing kit. This manufacturer produces specific and multiple parameter devices and a number of our programmes are adopting these units. Recently the Company was taken over by Palintest but will continue to produce reliable devices that are generally more portable than the Delagua units, see:-
Costs of the units are competitive and their overseas marketing networks are extensive.

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Hello again Jennifer,

I know I may be biased (coming from DelAgua!) but I have to bring to your attention the recent Wagtech model. The link that Frank above posted will take you to their old versions of the kit, which, if I'm being honest, were really great portable units. Their new kits are also great, and extremely up to date. However, I feel like the new design actually makes it less portable. It now opens like a briefcase, and when your samples are in, you can't actually move the case as you would be up ending your petri dishes. Aside from that, it does come with a lot of new updated features. Food for thought! If I'm wrong, please do let me know as this has been something that has been bugging me about their new design!



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