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Which platform is already in existence to discuss questions on SaTo pans?

Dear all,

At WaterAid we are looking to use the SatoPan at scale in various countries. Who is aware of any platform already in existence to discuss practical and technical questions on Satopans? If there is none in existence, we can discuss here, but it would be a bit of duplication if there is already a forum in existence.

Questions that have been raised are for example:

1) Is it possible to make the slab using any other material than cement (planks?)

2) Can it be combined with pits lined with non-cement support?

3) What is the typical price for the slab - in other words: how many bags are needed for a slab?

4) How to balance the counter weight flap ?

5) Can an off-set pit be used with SatoPan?

6) Any information on filling up of pits (e.g. does the smaller amount of water used influence the time it fills?).

7) Any smaller square slabs produced?


Arjen Naafs

Regional Technical Advisor WaterAid

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Please see this thread on the SuSanA platform:

Where some of the questions you asked are already answered and the original designers of the SaTo pan show up from from time to time.

Also see the official blog:

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Dear Arjen,

Yes, it would be really interesting to know about your query, very good idea.

Best regards,

Alfonso Zapico

ONGAWA Engineering for Human Development


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Dear Krischan and others,

Indeed, Susana is the most logical platform for this discussion. I have looked at the thread above, and felt it is not around practical issues and therefore have opened a new thread on Susana. Have a look & please contribute there (not here) on any technical and practical Sato Pan issues.

Hope this avoids duplication!

Arjen Naafs

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