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Orshi Dam Repair, Sudan Hydrologists help sought

Please find below a summary of the query, please do not hesitate to ask more questions. I trust our enquirer still has internet connections to review and comment.

The Orshi Dam was built in the 1950's (circa 1956). It was operational between 1956 and 1961, rehabilitated in 1962 and operational again from 1962 until 1984. In 1985 an embankment was extended and a 2nd spillway added in 1986. It has been functionble until 2012 and failures are possible due to lack of maintenance.

It failed due to a breach of the embankment.

The current job is to rehabilitate it and make it functional again. Preferably a long term repair/solution rather than' a patch up'.

At the time of this discussion between myself and the Engineer/aid worker, the catchment area was unknown although now attached.

Orshi Dam - Catchment Information 12th June 2015 (1).docx

Herewith specific request:

I would grateful if you could share these documents with your expert. The assistance I would appreciate is on advice on the most suitable models for estimating peak floods and yields.

The main pressing issues are:

  • What is the average yield?

  • What maximum flow rate should the spillway be designed for?

  • Is it beneficial to install a pipe outlet with an invert below that of spillway crest so to provide temporary flood storage above the pipe invert and the spillway is only used for exceptional floods?

I won't be in Sudan for about 2 weeks I thinks. I've requested the team in Sudan to make contact with meteorological authorities with the hope I can get hold of detailed rainfall event data but I have nothing so far.

Many thanks Pauline redR TSS/knowledgepoint


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Dear ALL,

‘This question was responded to directly with the enquirer due to the technical nature and detail of the project. Please email if you have any questions relating to this or post your own query on the KnowledgePoint site.’

Pauline RedR TSS/Knowledgepoint.

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