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Seeking for some help regarding bio gas

A question from Adepoju: I constructed a bio gas plant by reading a document online and it was fine, but I am trying to upgrade it and to compress it but i discovered that the gas was compressed not in the form of liquid please sir i want you to help me,because after the gas was scrubbing with water it go in to dryer after dryer i used air condition compressor to compress it to cylinder, but the gas came out in the form of air not inform of liquid, what can i do to liquefying it? I will be expecting your reply as soon as possible, thanks.

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hello thought I don't find the exactly figure, I know that the pressure you need to condense methane is much more high that the one need it for butane, propane and other typical commercial gases. if you really need it; you can use the formula from this page ( to calculate the pressure you'll need to condense it at 293K (20Cº).

But, let me ask : Why is it so important to have it liquid? Is it the volume/weight ratio?

If you don't get throw the formulas let me know, It will take me some time but I can do it.

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