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Costs of small community water treatment

What is an approximate cost of extending a community water purification system (e.g simple UV treatment) to a rural community? In an urban community?

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The following organisations may have cost information on small community treatment systems:

Living Waters for the World contact form, they install community water treatment systems, typical costs: Installation Cost: hardware - $3000; additional costs, i.e., tank stand or building materials, may occur in some cases
Operational costs, incl. replacement parts (excluding labor): per 100,000 gallons: one-half cent to one cent per gallon

Innovative Water Technologies, Inc. (IWT), they produce Sunspring®, a solar powered, portable, self-contained water purification system

Healing Waters International - Water Treatment Solutions

WaterHealth International

Practica Foundation, NL - they are working on small scale reverse osmosis

Daniel W. Smith, Program Officer at the Millennium Water Alliance, has written a report (in Spanish only) outlining a framework and certain technologies for small scale drinking water treatment that he worked on with Water for People - Peru, titled:

Estudio: Alternativas para la potabilización de agua en sistemas comunitarios sirviendo a poblaciones de 80 a 200 habitantes

For a copy pls contact him at: daniel.smith [at]

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