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communication in WASH situations

I'm Austin and would like to know, Suppose you work with a community radio station, describe what your radio station would do to address water, sanitation and hygiene issues with regard to your i) audience, and ii) WASH messages?

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Hi Austin, We would like to hear more about your specific situation and circumstances before we elaborate any further, so we can be specific to you. We provide this for the humanitarian sector and like to hear more about you if possible. I would recommend you attend one of the RedR humanitarian courses if you have not already done so

RedR run an number of courses regarding WASH identifying important issues and key local people who can help spread the word and teaching local communities their importance. Assessment of local situation is essential to ensure the correct issues are identified and relevant communication broadcast in an understandable manner. I would recommend you look at Sphere which is being introduced as a working standard for want of a better expression.

Keeping clean and dirty water separate at all times is essential, protecting your clean water source from contamination, optimum waste treatment under specific circumstances ( this may include identifying toilet locations away from clean water and village/housing whilst appropriate, safe, gender specific, lit, hygenic latrines are being built and a waste treatment process being established) and of course proper hand washing at every stage manual working ,food prep, eating, toilet, child handling, the sick/infirm and cleaning. Hope this helps.

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Hi again Austin, a community WASH representative is usually identified who visits local areas promoting relavent information, by broadcasting his/her schedule may improve attendance. Also regularly interviewing the representative helping to promote key information and reinforce the WASH messages by broadcasting them regularly, develop a jingle with the specific WASH messages incorporated. Hope this helps, please let us know.

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2015-12-17 15:25:30 +0000 )edit
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