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Content of hygiene kit for the elderly

Does anyone have recommendations for relevant and useful items to include in hygiene kits for the elderly, based on beneficiary feedback and/or post distribution monitoring?

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I am sure you are referring ‘hygiene kits’ for an emergency situation as part of the response actions! There are certain lifesavings items which we always intend to include in ‘hygiene kit’ can equally be relevant and useful for elderly such as: ORS, handwashing soap, water purification agents (Aquatabs etc). The other essential items such as Nail Cutter, Torch light with batteries, toothbrush with paste, and water container found to be equally useful for the elderly people. We have specially targeted additional items within the hygiene kit for children and women but not elderly such as baby diaper, sanitary cloths (in some cases sanitary pad) including ladies inner wear (to adjust sanitary pad/cloths) etc. In our recent experiences, elderly people would also like to have walking stick (portable) which we think are not hygiene related (can’t afford) and flying plastic bag for defecation (especially during night) however this has to link with proper disposal practices otherwise this will have negative impact on environment and public health.
Regards Om

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This depends how you define 'elderly'? For women of peri-menopausal age (who while not elderly are mature and coming to the end of their reproductive years), sanitary pads or relevant menstrual hygiene protection materials would be useful.

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