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Where is the global sanitation strategy document and plumbing road map ?

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Here is the graphic for pumping model which shows the process through which water for people develops better products and better and bigger businesses. Also known at the plumbing road map

The neat Marcom version

Sugden's rough powerpoint presentation

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Podríamos tener una versión, en español, de la estrategia global?

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Aquí esta el link para la estrategia para America Latina, que fue circulada en julio 2015 para prepararnos para elaborar las estrategias nacionales. Fue basada en la estrategia global.

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Here it is.

I'm not really happy with the monitoring section yet, but I think it is better to share it than wait for perfection.

Happy reading.

Any questions or clarification - just ask.

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I think that the government role has to be complemented with the research centers and academy to promote more ideas and get the role of the ignition engine or trigger in the process.

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Podríamos tener una versión, en español, de la estrategia global?

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The issue came up of where an initiative was on the plumbing scheme.

An idea, such as briquettes, cannot be within both the ‘idea’ tank and the ‘market testing’ tank on the plumbing scheme. It has moved on to market testing or it has not.

As rough rule of thumb and initative is in the idea tank if,

• Water for People is leading /paying for the testing process

• The product is not finalized or at a stage where it can be sold directly to a customer

• Only test units are produced and given / sold to customers for market research or testing purposes

• The economics of production and sale have not been finalized

• A final price for the product has not been set

• Universities and academics are leading the process

The initiative is in the market testing phase if

• There is a finished product which is not going through basic modifications or further testing

• They are being sold to customers by independent businesses on a routine basis from their own premises

• Businesses are trying to make a profit and earn a living from the sales

• Water For People are not involved in any part of the production process

• There are no issues with government about their sale

• The businesses are independently searching for customers

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En América Latina con la gráfica y preguntas vinculadas en los informes bianuales hubo un poco de confusión porque no estamos probando nuevas tecnologías sino modelos de mercado (oferta/demanda). ¿Steve dónde sugerirías categorizar por ejemplo el modelo Villa Rivero (Bolivia), el modelo Jinotega (Nicaragua), o el modelo San Antonio de Cortes (Honduras)?

Mark Duey gravatar imageMark Duey ( 2016-05-13 15:15:53 +0000 )edit

Mark, Not sure google translate has captured the true meaning. I would regard all these as 'initiatives new to each country' and therefore each start in the idea tank. When Jinotega model was initially with Aldea Global it was idea testing, but as it grew and WFP became less in the controlling seat, it entered the Market testing tank. Not sure whether its in the scale tank yet as 2 MFI could be regarded as still being experimental to some extent. When its ready to roll out to say another 2 MFI then perhaps that is scale. It is up to the country programs to define what they mean by scale.

Steven Sugden gravatar imageSteven Sugden ( 2016-05-13 16:03:52 +0000 )edit
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