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How do you choose your international partners?

I work for an organisation that would like to collaborate with Engineers Without Borders, I would like to know some more information about how you select your international partners?

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Unfortunately at this time we are not looking for any new partners as we are focusing on our pre-existing relationships.

All of our current partnerships go through a rigorous selection process and match the following criteria:

  • All of our international work meets with our strategic goal to enable partner organisations, people and communities to use and develop their engineering capabilities to address relevant global challenges.

  • All of Engineers Without Borders UK Partners work on engineering related projects in the WASH, Renewable/Off-grid Energy or Built Environment sectors. We are not a Disaster Relief organisation and therefore do not recruit volunteers to work such programmes.

  • All of our partners have a permanent presence in the countries and communities they work in and have a history of successful programme implementation and clear impact. All programmes being undertaken by partners and Engineers Without Borders UK volunteers must show a clear need for why the programme is necessary and all programmes must be sustainable in their design and implementation.

  • All of our partners have a passionate and driven local workforce and team who have some engineering experience. Engineers Without Borders UK volunteers all have a clear mandate for sharing knowledge and working alongside local technical and engineering staff. All placements undertaken by volunteers do not take employment away from local community members and our partners must show evidence of why a local engineer cannot undertake the work of the volunteer.

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