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How can I volunteer on one of Engineers Without Borders international projects?

I am currently working in the engineering sector in the UK and I am interested in volunteering on one of Engineers Without Borders international placements. How can I apply?

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We recruit our international volunteers on an annual basis to support the work of our partner organisations across East and West Africa, Asia and South America. Placements focus on different challenges in the Renewable Energy, WASH and Built Environment sectors.

We advertise the volunteer roles in December and successful applicants can expect to depart in the summer on 3, 6 or 12 month placements. All volunteers receive comprehensive training before they go overseas and are supported by the Engineers Without Borders UK team during and after their placements.

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Thanks for your answer. Does it mean there is no other departure period than summer for placements ? I will graduate in September 2016 so I couldn't apply back in December. When does your application end exactly if it starts in December ? Although there might not be another departure period than summer, I would be glad to read some projects description related to renewable energies, to see I apply next year if similar projects are advertised or not. Where could I find / Who should I ask such documents to ? Kind regards, Elise

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Dear Elise,

All of our placements from this year can be found on our website here. We only advertise placements in December (this years exact launch date is TBC).

International Partnerships gravatar imageInternational Partnerships ( 2016-04-29 10:27:50 +0000 )edit
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