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Gap year opportunites for young enthusiastic engineers?

Does EWB or anyone else have any suggestions or ideas for young enthusiastic engineers who would like to gain some early experience and skills before heading off to university?

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Look at the EWB placement partners, a lot of them accept volunteers for different periods of time, usually your fee goes towards the costs that the organisation is working towards.

Specific example: Wind Aid institute (who I'm on an EWB placement with currently) Takes on volunteers on a monthly basis, where you get hands on experience with supervision on building a wind turbine. I'm sure other partners also run similar programmes.

Here's the EWB UK partners;

Another option check out the NGO list, lots of different fields and countries these organisations work in, can filter by region or theme.

For a low cost option (fund raise £800 for 12 week program), you could participate in the International Citizen Service. You wont necessarily put your engineering knowledge to use, but gain project management skills, development of communication and other soft skills you'll get an opportunity to live and work with locals in a multicultural team.

(I've done the ICS program as a Team Leader, feel free to get in touch)

Good luck!


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