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Low-cost off-the shelf water filtration product?

Can anyone suggest a low-cost off-the shelf water filtration product? The communities which the water supply is to be installed are very small so it may make sense to install purification/filtration within households rather than for the community as a whole. The supply is relatively clean but may contain some particulates and bacteria.

Past experience here has been with larger-scale concrete installations which use sand-filtration. The budget for these sites is particularly low and time-scale is also short. Any suggestions for good easy-to-install devices would be appreciated!

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There is a UK product called the Aquafilter used for fairly small scale projects (about 60 litre/hour) originally developed for disaster releif but also used as permanent supplies. The web site has details, they dont quote a cost per unit but probably a few hundred UK pounds per unit, a working life of 6 years is quoted. The product is often distributed by charities as part of an aid package for disaster releif.

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I suggest you compare Grifaid with Lifesaver Both are sold primarily for disaster relief and other water emergencies. Unless you want at least a pallet, Lifesaver seems like the only option, because units (750 ml bottle, 5 l cube or 18.5 l jerry can) can be bought individually from the website as well as by pallet, so presumably intermediate numbers can be negotiated.

I compared the smallest (hence least economical) Lifesaver bottle with water from my local supermarket. About half of its cost is one-off, the rest is replaceable every 4000 litres, coming out at £0.04 per litre initially, and £0.02 ongoing. The cheapest supermarket bottle was 2 litre at £0.225 per litre. This makes filtered rainwater seem attractive :-)

Grifaid quote £0.0006 per litre, but that's based on a best use scenario and the bulk price per pallet of 216 ...(more)

M Fowles gravatar imageM Fowles ( 2016-11-13 23:19:51 +0000 )edit

Akvopedia has some very good information pages on WASH resources:

The water portal lists different methods of water filtration including centralised/household treatment and storage:

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Not sure if this is along the lines you are thinking of, but no harm in trying:

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The process seems to obtain its energy by solar heating of its black container. No sun, no safe water. Probably not for Malaysia?

M Fowles gravatar imageM Fowles ( 2016-11-13 19:54:53 +0000 )edit
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