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How to prevent flooding and erosion around river bodies?

Can you share with us how to prevent flooding and erosion around river bodies?

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There are various techniques available to prevent or control river bank erosion and flooding. Most common technique is building river dyke/levee along the river bank. You can construct either civil engineered concrete dyke or stone filled gabion box or bio- dyke. But the choice of construction materials depends upon river size, water force, past trend of bank erosion and flooding.

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Fast growing plants are a good option to reduce erosion of river banks. Hemp has been reportedly used before, due to it being fast growing.

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I agree with Peter that having natural plants growing on the shoreline is a good way to maintain the integrity of the bank, because excess water will be absorbed by the roots, but you need to be wary of using gabions or rip-rap to line the sides because they tear away at the sand beneath it until you're left with just a wall. Water will pass more quickly through with nothing to erode, and in times of great rainfall, the protection could be flooded.

Instead, placing dead logs perpendicularly along the bank will give you the stability you're looking for, while at the same time allowing the water to come to a meandering pace. Not to mention that fish will congregate in those new habitats created for them below the logs. It's a great natural way to prevent river erosion.

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