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For lime stabilisation of faecal sludge, can I use agriculture lime?


This is a question that I've been asked in the field so I wanted to share it with everyone on KnowledgePoint

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No, If you use agricultural lime (calcium carbonate) and not hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide), the process will not work. There are three different types of lime and its important to know the difference. If you use quick lime and not hydrated lime, you or the people working with the lime may get injured because quick lime can react violently, splatter and even cause fires.

Agricultural lime: Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is crushed limestone used to improve uptake of plant nutrients, Quick lime: Calcium oxide (CaO) is used in making mortar. Hydrated lime: Calcium hydroxide (CaOH2) is the only lime suitable for lime stabilization of septage

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