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Are there any technical documents particularly on manufacturing Solar Panels ?

Nischal Bhandari
related country: Tanzania

We have recently received an enquiry by Dickson Shenkawa from Tanzania on our technical eqnuiry service and he wants to know about the technology and infrastructure required to manufacture Solar Panels. The enquirer also would like to know about production method of solar panels.

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Hello, not an expert in this area but do know this is ahighly specialised area. There are new technical developments for solar cells, but the original technology uses pure silicon crystals as described in this website page:

Sorry that I can’t be of more assistance.


Solar panels are cheap and the price continues to drop. Fabrication of solar electric is not viable except in specialist production systems

Informal fabrication of solar thermal is done all over the middle east and central America, however the systems built can lead to very high water temperatures.

In commercial solar thermal systems, control systems prevent overheating, however in local fabrications, such protection will likely not be in place. In hot countries this can lead to very dangerous temperatures being developed in storage tanks, notably in the M East.

Best answer is to find cheap access to commercial systems