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Chemical dosing pump


Am off to Zambia to work on a water treatment plant for a hospital and orphanage complex. I am struggling to remember the name of a maker of the plastic water driven chemical dosing pumps - George Fischer?

Regards, Steve

3 Answers


I do not know what they currently have in terms of water treatment plant or technicians to operate it but I would suggest that it would be more appropriate to dose by hand with HTH chlorine that is readily available in Zambia.




I've used these in a number of places, but don't know what brand they were.

A number of manufacturers make water driven dosing pumps - (US Plastic Corp makes the DEMA MixRite dosing pump - the same pump is also sold as the Meditron - flow rates up to 0.7l/s). Dosmatic makes the Minidos (up to 0.75l/s). Obviously you could use several in parallel to get higher flow rates.




I see that John Cosgrave has already provided a couple of leads in his reply.

You will find a few others on page 39 of the WELL report 'Chlorinating small water supplies - a review of gravity-powered and water-powered chlorinators.' found at although these contacts relate to 2001.

In 2005 a student at WEDC did some laboratory tests on a Dosatron proportional doser, a venturi system from Portacel and a float operated system from Wallace and Tiernan (although they did not at that time publicise this system as being available).