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Malawi is a country that is absolutely awash with treadle pumps, many distrubuted as an emergency response to drought.

One of the best models is called thge Money Maker produced by a company (with social responsibility) called Kick Start I don't know if they have any agent operating in Malawi or if the pumps would have to be imported.

An NGO called Total Land Care has also been deeply involved in the distribution of treadly pumps.

Ideally pumps should be procured locally from an agent who will be able to provide parts and after sales service. They may have a life-span of around 5 years and the country is littred with broken down pumps.

The pumps have a suction head of around 9m (21 ft) so you will have to be sure that they will draw water from the well. After the pump they can lift water another 10m or more. The greater the total vertical lift, the more effort is required for pumping. Treadle pumps are more commonly used from very shallow wells or open water.