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Very basic process used in tsunami for saltwater pollution (recommended by the local Water Supply & Drainage board) and have seen similar in Cambodia for flooded wells

  1. clear the area around the well to remove debris, roots and
    even top fill that may contaminate ground water 2. put clean fill around top of well and compact in layers
  2. (a) pump out water to 50 or 60 percent of depth. (b) Bleach powder to clean well walls if lined (c) Take out loose mud and dirt from the well (d) allow well to recharge (e) Pump again to 50 or 60 % depth and allow to recharge 4. Repeat 3 if monitored quality not suitable 5. Before consumption use bleach powder to chlorinate - overnight (Please check but I think normal chlorine dose is about 0.1 to
    0.2 mg / litre)

Instead of a whole water testing set - cheaper and easier is I
think the spelling is "Haq's" kits - test for a single contaminant and is in an easy to use packet

Do not empty the well to its bottom Do not clean two or more wells close together at same time