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Hi Jay, The Kanchan filter has indeed had some very good results in practice. Presumably you have read the papers by Chea et al (CHEA, S., MAO, S., UY, D., NGAI, T.K.K., MAHIN, T., 2009. Kanchan Arsenic Filter Evaluation of Applicability to Cambodia, Technical Report. Cambodia: MRD, CAWST, MIT.) and also the paper given by Davin Uy at the WEDC conference in 2009, Kanchan Arsenic filter: Evaluation and Applicability to Cambodia.

It is a simple filter to construct and these papers have photos and diagrams of the filters as they have been constructed. The parts should be easily obtainable in Phnom Penh.

The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) is strongly supported by UNICEF for all arsenic research/mitigation in Cambodia, together with other NGOs such as RDIC (Research Development International Cambodia). If you email me directly on I will put you in touch with contacts in these organisations so that you can coordinate your work with them.

Regards Harriette