Laundry Machine for hospital in southern Ethiopia

Dear Sirs,

I am seeking an advice regarding a laundry machine for a hospital in rural Ethiopia (the region SNNPR). We have been supporting the operation of a new hospital there by delivering equipment and providing capacity building activities.

Recently, a request to purchase a laundry machine has come up.

We have got the attached specification of such machine according to the government standards from the local authorities. The estimated cost is 1,2mill ETB (the equivalent of about 35,975 GBP) – if we buy it by a local provider. It seems a way too high in my perception, but unfortunately I cannot compare and analyse more than the few bills of quantity our organization has received from the local companies … The provider would import the machine to Ethiopia from abroad. I would appreciate your opinion about the foreseen cost of the laundry machine. We are a network organization; we are an iNGO with our local branches across the country. The funds for this project come from Official development assistance financing of a government of the EU member state. Do you think we could bring such equipment from the European market for a lower price? Can you please advise if there exists any service (on/outside of the African continent) for delivery of quality equipment with an experience to supplying healthcare institutions in Ethiopia??

Many thanks in advance.


P.S. Please click here to view Laundry machine specifics

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