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Can anyone share a training manual for Handpump Maintainance and Management?

Male Integrated Science a member of AWDROP is organising a 2 day training for Local Government Officials on Hand Pump Maintenance. Date fixed is 5th of November - 7th of November, 2014.

Appreciate if more information can be received as soon as possible.


Micheal ALE

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I've got PDF copies of Operations and Maintenance manuals for India MKII, Afri-Dev, as well as a few others for a class I teach in the U.S. Which ones do you need?

For direct download links for India MKII & MMKIII try: Some videos of pump maintenance here.

Afridev manual download link at:

Other links to help your class.

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Hello Michael,

Browsing through the list of resources by RWSN should do the trick! Lots of manuals and guidance there.


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Dear Michael,

You can find a list of downloadable handpump maintenance manuals in the Resources section on the IRC website using this search statement:[0]=field_tags%3A26&f[1]=field_tags%3A69

You will find more in the RWSN library, using this search statement:[0]=publications

Cor Dietvorst, IRC

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