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What are the key elements for safe disposal of health-care waste in an Ebola setting?

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Is there any more information you could give us regarding the settings you have in mind? I'm asking because depending the location (rural/urban, country, etc.) and type of facility (e.g. Cholera Treatment Center, village clinic, major city hospital...) the legal requirements and available waste treatment and disposal options would change quite a lot.

Olmo Giovanni gravatar imageOlmo Giovanni ( 2014-11-19 11:09:01 +0000 )edit

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Direct, unprotected human contact during handling of health-care waste could result in transmission of pathogens, including the Ebola virus. Therefore, responsibility should be assigned, and sufficient human and material resources allocated to dispose of such waste safely. All health-care waste produced during the care of Ebola cases, should be collected safely in designated containers and bags, treated and then safely disposed of and/or destroyed, preferably on-site. If waste is moved off- site, it is critical to understand where and how it will be treated and destroyed. All those handling health-care waste should wear full PPE. For more information refer to Safe Management of Wastes from Health-Care Activities (WHO, 2014).

Source: WHO & UNICEF (Reviewed by MSF, CDC, and Tufts 2014) Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Key questions and answers concerning water, sanitation and hygiene

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