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Can someone provide a detail information on tube-well drilling techniques, designing and development?

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A good starting point will be that great old RedR manual "Engineering In Emergencies"

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You can buy this directly from RedR UK if you give us a call on +44 207840 6000, current price £29.95 + p&p, or find it on line on websites such as Amazon. Engineering in Emergencies: A Practical Guide for Relief Workers, by Jan Davis and Robert Lambert.

Harriette Purchas gravatar imageHarriette Purchas ( 2015-05-11 06:00:01 -0600 )edit

Hi Binaya

We have lots of information and publications on the RWSN website. The best place to start is the Code of Practice for Cost Effective Boreholes series:

To start, here is a new short video we have done on borehole siting:

The key publications are listed here:

The full library of resources relating to drilling is here:

And recordings of recent webinars on groundwater and drilling can be found here:

You will notice, however, there is a strong bias towards Sub-Saharan Africa, as this is where a lot the interest from our members and partners is focused.

(sorry that we are reorganising our website and it is a bit of a mess at the moment)

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The WaterAid website has some useful documents available as PDF downloads, link:-, that should be of help. Unfortunately a new Technical Brief on Tubewells is not yet available, but Section 7 of our older Technology Notes document has some useful details and references to other publications.

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