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Statistics on WASH sustainability and finance

Would you have some figures ( with sources) at hand on:

  • Functionality/ sustainability of water systems in Africa (urban and rural) and on sanitation (open defecation).

  • Sector financing in Africa (Donor money flows and nationally generated resources for the WASH sector? If available differentiated urban/rural. And if possible how this money is spent- how much is going into infrastructure and how much in M&O?

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The best source for sector financing in Africa is:

Water and Sanitation Program - Africa Region -Nairobi, KE, (WSP-AF), 2011. Pathways to progress : transitioning to country-led service delivery pathways to meet Africa's water supply and sanitation targets : AMCOW country status overviews regional synthesis report. [online] Nairobi, Kenya: Water and Sanitation Program - African Region. Available at: <>

Individual country reports are here:

Statistics on open defecation in Africa are in:

WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation -Geneva, CH, JMP, 2013. Progress on sanitation and drinking-water : 2013 update. [online] Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO), New York, NY, USA: UNICEF. Available at: <>

For data on the sustainability of rural water supply systems in Africa see:

Adank, M. et al., 2013. The status of rural water services in Ghana : a synthesis of findings from 3 districts (Akatsi, Sunyani West and East Gonja Districts). (Triple-S – Working Paper). [online] The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. Available at: <>

Rural Water Supply Network -St.Gallen, CH, RWSN, 2010. Myths of the rural water supply sector. (Perspectives / RWSN; 4). [online] St. Gallen, Switzerland: Rural Water Supply Network, RWSN. Available at: <>

Regarding the functionality of urban utilities in Africa see:

Per country - The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (IBNET) - - gives national stats for average hours of service & NRW - also quoted in: UNICEF -New York, NY, US and WHO -Geneva, CH, World Health Organization. Drinking water : equity, safety and sustainability : thematic report on drinking water. [online] . Available at: <>

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