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Do we have to test nitrite and nitrate in rain water to be used later as drinking water?

Ban Qasim
related country: Malaysia
related country: Malaysia

2 Answers


Nitrate and nitrite are not a risk in rainwater unless the rain is stored in an underground tank that is possibly leaking or the collection surface is dirty with animal or human faecal matter.

If rain is collected from a clean surface and stored in a clean tank there is no risk of nitrate/nitrite contamination.


Thank you, do we have to test for chloride and Aluminum or no need? thank you so much for your help.

Ban Qasim gravatar imageBan Qasim ( 2016-09-22 17:01:36 )

Before even considering water testing, do a sanitary survey - much cheaper and more useful!

See page 158 of


Thank you dear sir.

Ban Qasim gravatar imageBan Qasim ( 2016-09-22 17:00:19 )